Canis Rufus at the Hot Gates

There is so much I could say right now, but the most important thing is that six red wolf pups were born at the Museum of Life and Science. Red wolves were like the Spartans at Thermopylae (only 300 left!) and then this little crew rolled up, saying “we got this.” I realize that this is a terrible analogy, given that those warriors died, but…so might this critically endangered species.


Last night, we went downtown to the ballpark. The Durham Bulls, not a team known for heart or hustle, lost to the Gwinnett Braves 8-6 — a surprisingly good outcome for a team that didn’t start taking the game seriously until the ninth inning, when they scored four of those runs.

However, this belated, partial recovery on the part of the Bulls proved that false hope is worse than none at all; the crowd, formerly content with watching innings’ worth of terrible plays punctuated by mascot antics, suddenly turned on the team and started booing the players.

(It made me wonder if the Triangle has reached Peak Yankee, as inebriated fans screaming “YOU SUCK!” is more of a Northeastern phenomenon than a Southern one.)

Certainly the superfan sitting right behind me (and screaming into the back of my head) was very disappointed. However, My Fella and I — who had no real stake in the outcome b/c FFS it’s minor league baseball — had a fun time.

beverly cleary turns 101 today

and i am reading A Girl from Yamhill, because i’ve got a tender morsel of free time for the first time in months. (that will soon change, but i wanted to make a note of it.)

I Cut My Own Hair


You’re going to have to take my word for it, as I’m not up to taking a selfie this (or ANY) morning. I ought to be like Sia and appoint a diverse coterie of head surrogates to represent me.


So I watched a few YouTube tutorials, grabbed some scissors, and started snipping. The result is not terrible, despite accidentally cutting my own hand in the process. Did I mention that I have never really gotten the hang of scissors? HA.

The result was not great, either. However, it cost me ZERO DOLLARS and that was what I needed.

slainte y’all

This year, Saint Patrick’s Day nearly escaped my notice, because I live in the South, where Irish-Americans* mostly aren’t.

Were it not for coworkers threatening to pinch me–

Look me in my eyes of green so rare and tell me, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME?

I might not have even realized.

Mind you, I’m not aware of much lately besides work and (esp.) school, which will continue to devour my time and energy for the foreseeable future: next week I’ve got to submit potential thesis topics, which…yeah, idk. What on earth might I want to work on from May until December?

I’ll come up with something (I have to come up with something), but so far, I am mightily unimpressed by my own ideas.

*And while we’re on the subject of the diaspora, this pack of pandering f*ckfaces can cram their stupid neckties up their holes.


spring broken

School’s out for the week, which gives me some, not much, time to blog! Wish I could think of something to say. :-S

actual malice

so i was up all night working on my latest assignment, involving the weird and wild world of libel law. now i am exhausted, but also (slightly) more knowledgeable about such topics as plaintiff categories, libel per quod, and section 230 of the telecommunications act of 1996. it remains to be seen if i am knowledgeable enough to get a passing grade; our instructor does not suffer fools.

all external metrics aside, i find i rather enjoy media law. that surprises me (tho’ perhaps it shouldn’t).

what i would also enjoy is sleep, however. sleep and a sabbatical of sorts, to defrag my brain and ground myself. just a couple of months until the semester ends and i get my life back…