I have taken my comprehensive exam. I am finished with the coursework component of my degree; only the thesis project remains.

“So, you’re done with comps. What’s next?” asked a well-meaning professor during our post-exam cocktail hour.

“I’m gonna catch up on RuPaul’s Drag Race*,” I replied. “Provided I pass the test and *cue RuPaul voice* DON’T…F*CK IT UP!

The look on her face reminded me, once again, why I am temperamentally unsuited to the academy.

*Pursuer of virtue that I (occasionally) am, I elected to skip the most recent “Roast” episode in order to study. Time well spent? I doubt it, frankly.

Anyway. I’ve got my life back! (For now.)

Things I am looking forward to:

Tidying the House!

Yes, I know, and from someone who has been known to write “CLEAN THIS!” on post-it notes and stick them to every applicable surface. (Eventually, they all curl up and fall to the floor and then people find the dust-covered notes and laugh and laugh and laugh…)

But I do appreciate a clean living space, which is something that requires time and energy to achieve. Which I now have! (Well, the time. The energy still needs to replenish.)


Along with leisure reading, I’ve probably missed this the most. Not only was I unable to devote much/any time to scribbling stories, I even had to take a break from my beloved writing group because research papers and discussion boards are not conducive to creativity.

Some Semblance of a Social Life!

Right. UGH. I feel awful about this one. It wasn’t my intention to drop off the face of the earth for several years (!!), but that’s what happened. I could (and do) credit the election for getting me to quit social media…but I also can’t deny that this pattern was already well established by November.

So I miss my family and friends (…if I still have any!) and hopefully they will forgive me for vanishing.

Wasting Time!

This one’s important, too. And thus far, I have addressed this serious matter with the gravity it deserves: by firing up Stronghold and building elaborate castle-mazes to trick the game AI.

One thought on “Examinated

  1. Diana says:

    You were missed! 🙂 congratulations on being done examinating!
    Happy belated birthday! Have some kittens https://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/tumblr-pics-thatll-only-make-sense-to-cat-owners?bfsource=bbf_enus&utm_term=.ypgOWRqn0m#.nkXpkaBGR5

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