slainte y’all

This year, Saint Patrick’s Day nearly escaped my notice, because I live in the South, where Irish-Americans* mostly aren’t.

Were it not for coworkers threatening to pinch me–

Look me in my eyes of green so rare and tell me, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME?

I might not have even realized.

Mind you, I’m not aware of much lately besides work and (esp.) school, which will continue to devour my time and energy for the foreseeable future: next week I’ve got to submit potential thesis topics, which…yeah, idk. What on earth might I want to work on from May until December?

I’ll come up with something (I have to come up with something), but so far, I am mightily unimpressed by my own ideas.

*And while we’re on the subject of the diaspora, this pack of pandering f*ckfaces can cram their stupid neckties up their holes.


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