I’m Back, Baby!

It’s been a long several months, and while the wider world is probably doomed, I am…okay for now, would be my self-assessment. (Watch this space.)

My semester is over, my courses satisfactorily completed — one semester, two courses remaining, after which it’s comprehensive exam and thesis time. I’m on track to finish by this time next year, which does not seem possible AND YET*

Work continues at its relentless pace, tho’ my department (Creative Content Services) has merged with another department (Data Division) to create a new, super-department by the name of Book Discovery, which puts content, metadata, recommendations (and much more) under the same umbrella. I’m actually looking forward to the transition, as I’m already working in all of these (interconnected) areas to some extent and thus wouldn’t mind making it official.

On the home front, our (30+yo) furnace is broken, just in time for the hovering-around-freezing temperatures! With luck, we’ll replace a part and not the entire thing (which is not in the budget; we’re librarians, we don’t make HVAC money). However, we are making good progress on the shed (updates to follow) — which, being cheaper and easier to heat offers an alternative living space if need be.

Finally, here is a sleepy Boxhound:
doge sleeps

*which sums up about everything lately

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