The Hateful State

“SO what is GOING ON down there?” asked my Mom, the last time I spoke to her on the phone.

Media coverage of HB2 was just starting to seep up, like tainted groundwater, into the national news.

At first I thought, Where is Florida when we need it? Or Texas? Or Kansas? Or Tennessee? Or Wisconsin? Or Indiana? Or…ok, I see it now: all of America is terrible.


Boycott North Carolina in any and every way you see fit. Because we deserve it.

Even those of us who don’t support this legislative garbage (and, truly, we are many), it’s our fault too. We didn’t stop it. While I’m not entirely sure what I or anyone might have done, I don’t doubt that there were probably steps that NC residents could have taken to avert this travesty. (Voting, for example — turnout is consistently low, especially in local elections and during non-presidential cycles.)

Because I am fairly ruthless, I say, let North Carolina bleed out.

However, I realize that others are more compassionate. If you count yourself among their number, you can always express yourself by helping some very worthy organizations that are doing their best to make this state a bit kinder to, a bit safer for some of our more vulnerable denizens.

For example, there’s the LGBTQ Center of Durham, which aims to create

a safe and inclusive community committed to supporting and celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer identified people in and around Durham:

  • through programming, resources, and networks of support,
  • by acting as a hub for Durham’s LGBTQ community, and
  • by sharing and affirming LGBTQ lived experiences.

There’s also my personal favorite, The Pauli Murray Project:

Hands down one of the most amazing human beings that ever lived, Pauli Murray was

…an accomplished American activist who believed in justice, reconciliation, and freedom. She championed the cause of human rights through her work as an author, educator, lawyer, feminist, poet, and priest.

As a woman, a person of color, a worker, and a member of the LGBTQ community, Murray refused to see herself restricted by the categories of gender, race, class, and sexuality. Instead, she aspired to an integrated body, mind, and spirit that required a wholistic sense of self.

This lofty aspiration spurred a life of energy and creativity that helped transform American society.

So, if you’re inclined to hate the sin, love the sinner, give these folks some time and money, because I guarantee you they need your help.

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