Expert to Enlighten Children

Because Lego clones are the BEST thing, may I present COGO, Expert to Enlighten Children:

My Fella and I actually came across these several years ago, in Cyprus; if I recall, we were searching for a souvenir for our nephew* when we happened to wander into a toy store…

…and found a treasure trove of surreal scenarios, expressive minifigs, and agitprop box copy:

  • Comrades.
  • Let’s try our best to reach a perfect performance in the new sham battle.

I should mention that, for those seeking a non-military theme, there are other options, including Castle: Ward War —

— and Pirate**, which appears to include dragons. And why not? Maritime crime is a vast and complex subject, one that may well include mythological creatures.

Sadly, we did not purchase any of these, and I’ve always sort of regretted that decision. However, we don’t have children “to enlighten” and — no matter how urgently My Fella’s Cypriot kin encourage us to ‘make fat Greek babies’ — probably won’t ever become parents, so we have no need of COGO’s self-proclaimed expertise.

But if you are in the market for some I Can’t Believe It’s Not LEGO and have €20 to invest, I think you probably wouldn’t be disappointed in these building sets.


*tho’ ultimately, we concluded that since he was an infant, we could totally half-@$$ it and no one would know, or care.
**As an American, my mental construct for “piracy” involves the 17th- and 18th-century buccaneers of the Caribbean; for all I know, the COGO pirates may be operating in the South China Sea, or perhaps the Barbary corsairs of North Africa and the Mediterranean.

One thought on “Expert to Enlighten Children

  1. Fella says:

    Simulating a true style, indeed.

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