“I am a Jedi!”

Scenes from Mid-South‘s Holiday Party:

As anyone of my generation can attest, there are a LOT of $#!++y toy lightsabers on the market; these are NOT those.

But Coaches Jen and Jeff would NEVER allow subpar weapons, even fictional ones, into their club. Fencers have standards, after all.

As anyone in attendance can attest, it is possible to spar for hours with these things and not worry about them cracking, shattering, or burning out. (The outer casing of the blade occasionally comes loose, but is easily fixed.)

And thanks to the blunt, rounded tips, it would be exceedingly difficult to put your opponent’s eye out, unless that was your intention. In which case, you are psychotic and should select the Sith model.

Look at these kids go! The Force is strong in them.

Alas, I don’t know who makes these lightsabers or how to find them aside from Googling “awesome toy lightsaber” and hoping it pops up in the results. I should have asked, but I was too busy dueling with My Fella.

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