Nine Days’ Wonder

Due to my skill at strategic calendaring, I recently turned THREE vacation days into NINE.

And lo, it was glorious.

What did I do? Almost nothing.

Here are the highlights:


[image not shown]

My Brother and his Ladyfriend came to visit and, among other funtimes, we all went to Fullsteam Brewery.

Here he is sampling a flight of craft beer(let)s. This picture was taken sometime after the belly dancers showed up (?!) and before we finished a cutthroat game of Bone Wars.


On Thanksgiving, My Fella baked a pie.

I could watch this man cook things forever. Also eat the things he cooks.

(In fact, he cooked the entire meal, but I’m trying to keep the Holiday humblebragging to a minimum.)

We attended a Bad Movie Night at the home of friends, a double feature that included Road House and Big Trouble in Little China.

And at home, we indulged in some Netflix Deep Cuts, which is basically all the programming that is NOT critically acclaimed: reality shows that never made it past the first few episodes;  movies that began life as Kickstarter projects; the Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear…

All of this has convinced me that I need more vacation in my life. Can you imagine being alive, yet NOT being stressed out and exhausted all the time? Until recently, neither could I!

Clearly it’s possible; now I just need to make it happen.


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