In The Air


“The ayre is an avil thing, by reason it is mingled with evil thinges, as Vapours, and smelles, and evill smokes, chiefely that whiche is put in betweene twoo walles, and especially that which passeth by places where are rotten Plantes, and naughtie Trees, and where dead bodies are.”

— Nicolás Monardes, 16th-century Spanish physician, botanist, and “Bezaar” enthusiast

Also, did you know that there exists a Cloud Appreciation Society? There does, and I kind of want to join it.

My job is oddly educational, and in ways that have no practical application save for the really esoteric categories of pub trivia. Tho’ I do have a high school friend who won a bit of cash on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? so I suppose game shows might be an option?

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