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This, for my brain is breakened.


Well, for one thing, my job has become three:

the one I was hired to do in 2008

the one that got added circa 2010 because we’re in a recession, don’t you know, and most people would give anything to have ONE job, let alone TWO, you lucky duck, you,

and the one that was dropped on my lap this summer, because Strategic New Initiative Plan Strategy (SNIPS) demands my already bifurcated cognitive labor.

If my employer weren’t paying for Night School, I would be plotting drastic changes right now.

Things I’ve considered:

participating in a sleep study, because slumber is my arete.

succumbing to 19th-century-style “hysteria” and pursuing a rest cure

join some religious sect that spends all day meditating, except secretly I’ll be napping…

ok, I’m abandoning this list because I’ve realize that every single item is a variation on “somehow find sneaky ways to have sleeps”

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