“It is ok to destroy the occasional world while learning.”

So I spent Saturday downtown, at the Django Girls RDU event.

I applied a month or so ago, as soon as the program started accepting applications. There are two criteria, 1.) identify as female and 2.) own a laptop.

Girl that I am and with Nettybook in hand, I arrived at Caktus HQ around 8 am, where I signed in. [Maybe it’s because most skills-related workshops I attend are library related, and librarians are a notoriously grumpy group, but I don’t think I’ve ever been greeted so cheerfully in my entire life.]

Also, there was coffee! Coffee and pastries!

Total attendance was around 20 people, divided into small groups (~ 3 people per) and assigned to a Coach, who provided guidance. There were also “Meta-Coaches” who circulated, providing backup support as questions or issues arose.

At first, all went swimmingly. Hey, I thought, this is fun. I am giving a computer instructions, which it is then carrying out.

Then, somewhere in the deployment stage, I got stuck in Git Hell and — after stumping FOUR developers (!) — ended up having to revert, delete, and/or uninstall everything and rebuild from scratch.

“You’re very patient,” remarked my coach, which is not an adjective that has ever been applied to me.

How did I get locked out of my own application, the one that I built?

How did I accidentally discover a “rage quit” option (their terminology) that will not only shut down a code editor but also wipe it right off my system?

In short — and to summarize just about everyone who’s ever observed me interacting with technology — What did I DO?!?

In the end, I succeeded (see below)


So that’s cool.

Still, I did a fair amount of damage in the process.

“I am a destroyer of worlds,” I told My Fella, to which he replied, “It is ok to destroy the occasional world while learning.”

And so it is.

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