As The Milk Turns

A quick sniff test of the half-and-half* revealed that it had gone off — not entirely, just enough to be unpleasant in coffee.

My Fella’s solution?

Make paneer out of it.

Here’s how:

1.) Scald dairy (e.g. half-and-half)

2.) Add acid (e.g. lemon juice)

3.) Let curdle

4.) Add salt

5.) Strain through cheesecloth

6.) Wrap and place under block

7.) Wait

8.) Once pressed, process — cut, fry, eat

And…that’s it!

*it occurs to me that since this blog has an international audience, it may be worth taking a second to explain this odd dairy product, which is literally equal parts milk and cream, prepackaged for use in coffee. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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