If Your Heels Are Nimble and Light/You May Get There By Candlelight

Last night, while we were playing Scotland Yard, the lights went out.


The storm, raging outside, had caused a power outage.

I realize that normal people would probably just abandon the game and have sex*, but MR. X HAD JUST BEEN SIGHTED NEAR TOWER BRIDGE AND WE ARE HUGE NERDS SO PLAY ON, PLAYAS!

After locating one woefully weak-beamed flashlight, My Fella suddenly remembered the candles I’d made last summer out of the beeswax we harvested. A brief scavenger hunt yielded the necessary supplies.

Holes were drilled, wicks were inserted — sorry, folks, regardless of what I said earlier, there is no way for this not to sound dirty — matches were struck, and…fiat lux.

"beeswax candles"

And now we’ve got a stash of emergency candles, for all our blackout-in-the-middle-of-game-night situations. Which almost makes up for the fact that Mr. X escaped. Almost.


*because, really, what else is there to do in a world without Netflix?

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