“Jenny” is a Food Lion Super MVP

I always forget my customer loyalty/reward card(s).

Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I don’t have any, because [Select at least one]

a.) I lost mine three or four moves ago and can’t remember the address or phone number associated with the card;

b.) I promised the cashier that I’d supply the relevant the information later, once I got home, but that was a lie.

c.) I made up some fake name and telephone number that I promptly forgot as soon as I left the store.

Besides, I don’t like having a card that tracks my purchasing. At the same time, I want the discounts.

What’s a girl to do?

Basically, the same thing literally EVERYONE in the Anglophone world does: type in (XXX) 867-5309 and cross your fingers. I have never yet encountered a situation in which it didn’t work. Because someone invariably thinks they’re *so* clever — and, as a result, has made it much easier for the rest of us to save 20 cents on a bunch of bananas or a box of pasta.

Nevertheless, this does strike me as something of a missed opportunity. Many stores offer the opportunity to link one’s card to some charitable endeavor, often schools or food banks, and I’m sure “Jenny” could do a lot of good in the community in this way. Probably just about anyone could make this happen — after all, we’ve got her number.

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