Project: Progress Update #1

My Fella is AMAZING — for many reasons. However, in particular, at this moment, I am referring to this:
"weed trimming"

Yesterday, he sorted out our long-neglected trimmer and whacked the $#!+ out of the weeds. He’s planning on doing another pass through the ivy and bramble, but this is a fantastic start to our yard reclamation project.

"weed trimming"

He also took it upon himself to remove the roots (!) that were clogging the weep line on our AC unit, noting that this situation “can’t be a good thing.” With any luck we’ve borrowed some additional time for the system.

Oh, and that’s Jeremy watching from the Catio.

2 thoughts on “Project: Progress Update #1

  1. Diana says:

    He is amazing! 🙂

    ….and something about Jeremy’s pose reminds me of some king gazing regally upon his populace, all, “Good people, we are pleased with you.”

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