Over here is the southwest corner of the property, which we’ve mostly neglected for the past couple of years.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

However, I’d like to change that, because the reason that we haven’t put much effort into it — out of sight, out of mind: no one can see it but us — is also the reason it would make a wonderful secret garden.

So I’m making plans to reclaim the space. Here’s the general outline:

1. Invasive plant removal.

2. Weeding and trimming.

3. Turf.

This is actually part of items one and two, because where there isn’t a thick groundcover of English Ivy, there are diverse representatives from this list. But I’d like to get some native grasses growing in the space, because this region has many lovely specimens.

4. Screen.

It’s a foliage clusterf*ck right at the property line; I’d like to keep the oaks and maples, while removing the Japanese honeysuckle, mimosa, nandina, etc…then I’d add some shrubs — I think oakleaf hydrangea would probably do well — for privacy.

5. Install bench. You know, for sitting.

6. Wildlife-friendly plantings.

I’d like to see more birds, bees, and butterflies back there; so would the cats, I’m sure — from the safety of the catio, of course.

7. Enjoy!

I can start ASAP on the first few steps, since they require only sweat equity as opposed to actual money.

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