Under Milkweed

To begin at the beginning…
…would take more time than I’ve got.

But for Asclepias tuberosa, the saying holds true: first year — sleeps, second year — creeps, third year — leaps.

Might I add that this is NOT true for the Boxhound, who is now officially a threenager:


Goes to bed late, sleeps the day away, insists on going out at all hours, whines when she doesn’t get her way, indulges in at least one howling strop per day over NOTHING, bosses us around, and constantly huffs and rolls her eyes at how clueless we, her loving parents, are about life in general…

(Still cute, tho’)

Other notable things, which I forgot until suddenly I remembered:

June 18 marks our third year of homeownership!

Which continues to be amazing, primarily because it means NOT handing over most of my pay to a slumlord in exchange for the dubious privilege of sleeping in a structure that may or may not legally qualify as a dwelling.

Also, today is my work anniversary; I have been at my job for SEVEN YEARS, which — in the world of folk ballads, at least — either means that I have already paid or else owe a tithe to hell, I forget which. Perhaps both!

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