Zoltar is Real, Working in Spirit

Never, ever pass up an opportunity to pay one dollar to have an automaton* tell your fortune. Is my advice, anyway.

"zoltar fortune teller"

I consult Zoltar.

And Zoltar Speaks!** What does he say?

"zoltar card obverse"

O Fortuna: Zoltar Speaks (obverse)

Plenty, as you can see:

"zoltar card (reverse)"

O Fortuna: Zoltar Speaks (reverse)

Among other tidbits: I should wear onyx for luck, I shall be very happy with the one I have chosen for my life’s companion, and I really ought to curb my temper, impetuous and outspoken person that I am.

*Kinda like this:
"robo fortune teller"
**”He sounds Ukranian,” remarks My Fella. “Is he supposed to be Ukranian?”

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