The Long Weekend

I love a three-day weekend.

Sometimes I think I should just divvy up all of my vacation time and see how many Fridays and/or Mondays I can block off. But then I remember that my vacation hours accrue at the speed of late-night water dripping from a faucet, or blood from a very small puncture wound.

Or, if you enjoy old school SAT-style analogies, vacation days : work days :: shot glass : barrel

I enjoy my job, but I also enjoy life — and life is definitely losing right now.

So what have I done with my weekend thus far? Well, I’ve gone swimming, eaten a sandwich, and taken a nap.

Now I’m lounging on the futon with My Fella and the Boxhound in front of some classic Futurama.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting a writing friend for coffee and chat.

And — SPOILER ALERT– at some point during the next two days, there will be WAFFLES!

3 thoughts on “The Long Weekend

  1. Libby says:

    My husband got a waffle iron for Christmas, and in our Durham-deprived state, the first thing we did was make chicken and waffles (bought the fried chicken and some flavored cream cheese to stand in for Dame’s flavored butter)–it was a pretty good stand-in! Hope the rest of your long weekend was just as relaxing.

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