I “Won” This

In a raffle,
"star trek V"
Which was part of an in-house professional development event at my workplace. (Don’t ask. I don’t fully understand it myself.)

In addition to becoming the proud owner of this bad boy, which is BIGGER THAN I AM and ALSO WILL LIVE IN MY CUBICLE FOR ETERNITY, I got to spend the better part of two days taking about the future of readers’ advisory with Joyce Saricks, the BAMF Librarian* who literally wrote the book on RA. (And I got paid for it. Win.)


*This NEEDS to be an award. F*ck Movers & Shakers; this would be so much better. Winners would get a complimentary, literature-themed tattoo; a personalized knuckleduster; and a copy of American Gods for the express purpose of book-smacking state legislators, which is exactly like pistol-whipping except with a bloated trade paperback instead of a firearm.
EDIT: OR for reading, I guess. Jaysus, people. Get a grip.

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