Wish I’d Had A Camera

At the Y this morning: middle-aged man performs elaborate stretching routine and enters the pool, where he dons swim cap and goggles…and then puts on flippy-floppies before grabbing a kickboard and dog-paddling down the lane. Very tempted to shout, “Hey, you forgot your water wings,” but did not.

Spotted along the side of the road, on the outskirts of Carrboro: two ponies mini-horses, plus handlers. My Fella cried, “Li’l Sebastian!” and I reached for my phone, but alas, I missed my shot. Also, in an unrelated incident, a couple of hens.* These chickens were NOT crossing the road, as one might guess, but rather seemed content to explore the bike lane.



*one RI Red, one Buff Orpington. Yes, I excel at drive-by chicken identification. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

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