Honey, Honey


Spent a good chunk of the weekend bottling honey; still not finished, but we’ve got somewhere between six and eight lbs. right now…which is about right for three medium frames.

As I’ve probably mentioned, we had a long, cold soak of a spring followed by a hot, dry summer followed by a bipolar autumn (thanks, climate change!) — not ideal for bees, as you might imagine, although ours are good foragers — even if I do sometimes see them crawling into trash cans and gorging themselves on whatever syrupy goodness they find in the bottom of discarded beverage containers*.


Anyway, this is why we decided to only grab three frames, the odd ones out after rearranging and consolidating the supers. We’ll definitely use some of the honey, we might trade or sell the rest. It really depends. We could certainly consume it all, since — besides maple syrup — it’s really the only sweetener we use. However, I like to a.) introduce people to the magic of real honey and b.) reward folks who already understand the magic of real honey by supplying them with high-quality product. So we’ll see.


*Nevermind all the fragrant, delicious flowers I’ve planted especially for them!

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