Traffic’s Been Up Lately…

For reasons I cannot fathom.

Which is why I’m going to take the opportunity to encourage visitors to back Derby Life — a Kickstarter campaign for Margot Atwell’s forthcoming book about Roller Derby.


Full disclosure: Margot and I attended the same college, where we worked together on the school’s literary magazine. However, I’m not plugging this because I know the author; I’m doing so because Margot — or perhaps I should say “Em Dash” — is an all-around BAMF.

Furthermore, speaking as a cautious crowdfunder, I have evaluated this project and concluded that it is a good bet: Margot’s got tons of experience in publishing — both editorial and authorial — so I have every reason to believe that this book will be well-written, properly edited, printed and bound. Also, the project is well scoped, imo: Margot’s going into this with her eyes open, so the budget is what you’d expect to see with a print-and-e-book combo, the production timeline is reasonable, and there’s a comfortable margin built in for delays, cost overages, and other complications.*

Plus, as I mentioned before, Roller Derby. There is no downside.

Also, I really want this book to be a thing, because it’s something I know I’d read and thoroughly enjoy.

I include this plea because I read a LOT of things and most of the time only sort-of enjoy them. Which is to be expected since I am generally reading with other people in mind — sometimes close friends and family members, more often people I have never met. It’s true: when I read a book, I am usually trying to figure out what sort of reader might appreciate a particular book and what sort of reader would not.

And I am telling you: I would actually enjoy reading Derby Life; please make it happen, because — and I’m not blaming anyone, here, because I chose my career — I have had to slog through a lot of published material lately that I sincerely wish had remained in the form of trees and this book, unlike those, would be a genuine pleasure.

Get on it, folks. You have like 10 days. For this project, I am pledging the revenues from what I call “the James Franco tax,” which is an amount of extra money I charge whenever I receive an assignment that requires me to think and/or write about James Franco.


*because there are always complications, it’s just that no one knows exactly what form they’ll take until they arrive on the doorstep lugging three enormous rolling suitcases…

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