My Varroa

During our FIELD TRIP!!! to the Bayer Crop Science Bee Care Center, we came across this amazing accessory:

It is a basically a wearable simulacrum of varroa destructor, the scourge of honeybees everywhere (except Australia, for the time being).

I wish I could buy one of these, because who doesn’t want a parasitic Baby Bjorn?

However, it turns out that the Bee Care Center had this specially commissioned as an educational tool: as in, if you were a human-sized honeybee playing host to a varroa mite infestation, it would be like having at least one creature the size of an infant attached to you for the entirety of your lifespan, spreading disease throughout your family while slowly sucking you dry.

Parenthood, in other words.

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One thought on “My Varroa

  1. Debbie Currie says:

    You’ve summed it up perfectly, Gill. I’m so glad you were able to join us on our field trip!

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