Library Listservs

So here’s a gem from my inbox:


Makerspaces in libraries are such a hot topic right now, but I wanted to share with you my TEDx Talk about how teens have been impacted by this new service.

Young adults in their 20s have become volunteers for us as a result of our makerspace as well. Have you had a success story with young adults due to a makerspace? I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks, [name redacted]

Is it wrong that I want to send this person a clip from Breaking Bad?

After all, that RV is the only makerspace I’ve ever seen that actually seems to fulfill its stated purpose.

2 thoughts on “Library Listservs

  1. JennyOH says:

    Some of the library listservs I’m on have real gems sometimes.

    Is it terrible that I’m already tired of “makerspace” as a buzzword?

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