The Orkin Man, My Hero

Yesterday, I got caught in a downpour as I was leaving work — one of those monsoon-style thunderstorms that heralds a sweltering North Carolina summer.

Within minutes, I was soaked to the skin; my clothes were so sopping wet they’d turned transparent, which is never a good situation for a lady to find herself in while standing alone alongside a roaring stretch of highway, waiting for a bus that may or may not arrive.

Many, many vehicles sped by. I reserve no particular ire for any of them, save the @$$holes who purposely swerve to hit the shoulder surf, sending waves of dirty water over already drenched pedestrians .

Then, a man — an Orkin Man– got out of a vehicle in the parking lot of the Red Roof Inn, trudged through ankle-deep water to the bus stop, and handed me an umbrella.

“This might help a little,” he said, with an apologetic shrug.


And with that, he returned to his pest mobile and drove away. I’m still shocked that a random exterminator took time out of his busy bedbug eradication schedule to give a drowned rat shivering girl an umbrella.

Thanks to the eight-foot snake that lives under our porch, we have no problems with vermin of any kind…but if we did, I’d probably call these folks.

Just, y’know, FWIW.

Thank you, random chivalrous employee of Orkin!

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