Some time ago, we started a batch of propolis tincture.

And recently, I filtered and bottled it:

"propolis tincture"

You will need: 1 glass, 1-2 kitchen funnel(s), 1 coffee filter

Look at that color! (Also, it smells amazing.)

"propolis tincture"

You will need: bottles (1/2 oz. w/ medicine droppers)

From this 10% solution (starting with ~ 10 grams of propolis), we ended up with about 3 oz. of propolis tincture. Not pictured is the full bottle that went to a friend of ours, and the not-quite-full bottle currently sitting in our cabinet, which we’ve designated for personal use.* The rest, I guess, are up for grabs, if folks want to buy or barter for some…incidentally, a little goes a long way.

So anyway, that’s a thing we did.


*one of my favorite applications is a Buzzed Lite, which means adding a few drops to a glass of ginger beer; I also suspect it would be absolutely fantastic in a real cocktail.
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One thought on “Elixir

  1. lizard100 says:

    That’s really useful. We need to explore tincture making.

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