On the Town

Weird introverts that we are, we don’t often get invited to parties…

When he takes off his jacket, My Fella looks like a cater-waiter.

Believe it or not, that tux cost $12 at a rummage sale — and didn’t require any alterations. Truly, the find of a lifetime. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that when he takes off his jacket, My Fella looks just like a cater-waiter.

Who am I wearing? Macy's, Clearance Rack Collection, 2010; Also, Photobombed by Fluffernutter.

Who am I wearing? Macy’s, Clearance Rack Collection, c. 2010; I think it might be a prom dress that didn’t sell. (True to form, I cannot get dressed up without getting photobombed by a cat, in this case, Fluffernutter.)

…but when we do, we dress up and attend swanky shindigs in Chapel Hill — where we get caught up in police chases. Yeah, who knew?

True story, tho. We were driving to the party in the old, the bold, the valiant Flying Eggplant and had just reached the (poorly designed) intersection of Franklin and Elliot when I saw a car (a white sedan, adds My Fella, who knows from cars) coming right at us. It had already lost its front AND rear bumpers in an impromptu joust with another vehicle before it launched itself past the stoplight and speed through the intersection.

I screamed, as is my wont when faced with imminent death. My Fella slammed on the brakes; the other car either braked or swerved to avoid us, spun around, and came to a stop. The driver must have already been involved in a chase, because the cops showed up SO FAST.

Anyway, two guys immediately hopped out and fled the scene on foot with police in pursuit. Several seconds later, a third guy climbed out of the car and started running in a different direction. Which I thought was pretty clever, actually.

Not knowing what our liabilities/responsibilities were — to what extent is one involved in an incident when one narrowly misses being killed in said incident? — we talked to an officer and elected to fill out a “witness” form.

And then, as the Police Department began canvassing the area with dogs and officers carrying automatic weapons, we proceeded to our destination. An eye-opening experience, to be sure.

One thought on “On the Town

  1. Libby says:

    You two look fabulous! Glad the car incident was a miss, even if a near one.

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