Some Rest for the Wicked

After two days of being housebound on account of the snow, PLUS a weekend, I’m starting to feel human again. I enjoyed several long naps*, at least one bubble bath, and took multiple opportunities to step outside and bask in winter’s paltry allotment of sunshine. My hair has even regained some of its curl!**

All of this will be undone by tomorrow, of course, when I return to the office and tackle the mountain of work awaiting me. But this forced hiatus pleasant interlude was very restful and restorative…and reinforces my conviction that I really, really need to find some way to be less broke, busy, and tired. I know what you’re thinking: good luck with that.

But I’m at least going to try.



**This is weird, but when I’m exhausted, my hair flattens itself out. Also, the color drains out of my eyes — during one of the most stressful periods of my life, they turned this eerie silver-grey and I started to wonder if I might possibly be dead without realizing it.

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