The Durham News

There’s really only one news story in Durham, NC: someone gets shot, usually by a cop.

However, sometimes this happens. And by “this” I mean “itinerant sheep, named Bubba.”

Here’s a choice quote from the article:

In August, the 125-pound ram, with a mane that resembled a lion, appeared in a neighborhood not far from The Streets at Southpoint shopping center. His random appearances bewildered people, because there was no obvious source of hoofed mammals with long curling horns nearby.

Here’s another (and there’s either a kids’ movie* or a horror film** somewhere in this scenario):

Neighbors feared for his safety as he meandered between houses, peering in windows and drinking from birdbaths. Attempts to catch Bubba with nets and tranquilizer guns were unsuccessful.

Alas, Bubba’s Rumspringa came to an end in December (!) when he was apprehended and sent to a nearby farm. He has since been sold at auction to a pair of vegans who intend to re-home him on a different farm in Guildford County, where he can be eaten by hungry, hungry sheep farmers frolic with his new flock of woolly friends.


*Bubba Come Home? Season’s Bleatings: A Ram for the Holidays?
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