Would That This Desk Were A Time-Desk!

This week begins Night School II:

JOMC 712: “Visual Communication and Multimedia”
This course provides an in-depth, critical understanding of current visual communication and multimedia storytelling theories and practices. Students will gain knowledge of the history of visual and multimedia communication in the journalism and mass communication industries by reading and viewing scholarly and professional publications. Students also will examine projects and critique past current media work in these disciplines. A final project will include the creation of an original written article or multimedia presentation that adds to the knowledge base in this area.

So far, so good…except, of course, for the part where I’m broke, because I have still not been reimbursed by my employer for the course I took last semester.

Meanwhile, I have to go to Midwinter, which also costs money that will someday be reimbursed by my employer. Meaning that, by the end of FY14, I’ll either be flush…or I’ll be living under a bridge, but with slightly more formal education and an extra couple of lines on my CV. So, yay?

Anyway, my first week’s assignment — aside from raiding the archives of the Neiman Reports on Visual Journalism and contributing to our class’ online discussion board — involves watching this video, in which documentary filmmaker Ken Burns assures us that all storytelling is manipulation. Which, I suppose, I already knew. The question is, how do I take this knowledge and use it to turn a profit?

“Excuse me, folks, I’m sorry to interrupt your bus ride, but I’ve got six dollars in my checking account and I need to buy gas, coffee, and heroin in that order, plus my priest’s guide dog needs an operation for his cataracts and…” No? Not working? Well, that’s a shame. (Guess I should concentrate on my homework.)

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