Extreme Trout Wars

…is probably what I’ll end up watching this weekend, or something depressingly similar.

While there is nothing less inherently dramatic than taciturn senior citizens donning waders and going stream fishing*, I have every faith in the power of television to inject multi-generational family dysfunction and unnecessary interpersonal conflict into any given scenario.

Meanwhile, I’m listening to Space, whose cosmic rays — when translated into noises that humans can comprehend — bear a striking resemblance to the musical cues in an average X-Files episode.

Also, I read this, sequel to this…which, shortly after its publication, my committee actually longlisted. It’s a fun book with a lot of heart and totally could have been a contender. HOWEVER, the publisher never sent reading copies, so there went that.

"j walter weatherman"

And that’s why you always send a reading copy!”

However, since this is not the fault of the author, I’ll do a quick plug for the series. Superficially about superheroes, it’s actually more about families and how people so closely related can so comprehensively fail to understand one another (sometimes until it’s too late). As with any book, your mileage may vary, but I will say that I very nearly missed my stop several times on the way to and from work. Also, HTE: honest tears elicited — both times. That’s rare for me, tho’ you wouldn’t necessarily know it from this blog.

Other recommendations? I don’t know, chocolate milk is amazing? Oh, and don’t ever watch this sorry excuse for a film, particularly if you appreciate cinema, literature, screenwriting, acting, directing, visual effects, editing, design, or, let’s face it, quality anything. Extra black marks for inexplicable misogyny and racism, a feature-length sojourn in the uncanny valley, and criminal misuse of John Malkovich (among others).

And now, back to work.

*I know this because when I was growing up, one of our local channels (WNEP) would broadcast Pennsylvania Outdoor Life, a program — and I’m totally serious, here — devoted to hunting, fishing, and other sylvan and/or riparian pursuits. In addition to letting viewers know, say, when rifle season ended and archery season began, it also introduced them to various edible species (e.g. grouse, turkeys, squirrels, possums) and ended with the always popular “What I Killed This Week” slideshow, usually featuring inebriated men posing with their field-dressed deer or little kids holding up the fish they’d caught.

One thought on “Extreme Trout Wars

  1. JennyOH says:

    Augh, we watched that Beowulf-thing a few weeks ago. It was pretty terrible, though I did appreciate the fact that Grendel appeared to actually be speaking an approximation of Old English. It was particularly sad because a) Anthony Hopkins! What were you thinking?! and also b) I remember how much hype there was about the animation style being “the future of cinema” or whatever but it is still in that uncanny valley as you say and not all that different from anything else being done CGI-wise these days.

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