Hoppin’ John, Skippin’ Jenny

Our New Year’s Eve tradition is falling asleep on the couch while watching terrible, terrible movies.* Our New Year’s Day tradition is Hoppin’ John, a meal that is supposed to bring prosperity and happiness in the coming year — probably because it’s cheap to make and you can eat your fill and still have at least a week’s worth of leftovers…at which point, I’m informed, it becomes “Skippin’ Jenny.”

The exact recipe changes a bit from year to year, depending on what’s in the kitchen and/or garden: the 2014 version contained black-eyed peas, rice, bacon, green onion, mustard greens, (canned) tomato, and avocado chunks, with a bit of grated cheese on top.

Maybe other things, too? (I’m probably forgetting some crucial ingredient, because I am not a cook.)

By the way, if you happen to like all the condiments, then add some hot sauce — the spicier the better. We seem to put Cackalacky (fairly mild, but uniquely flavored) or Pluto’s (shows great potential as biological weapon to be used against dinner guests) on everything. Also, I could drink Papa Bull straight out of the bottle and sometimes I do.


*The neighborhood’s is setting off firecrackers and/or emptying ammo clips. Different strokes.
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