Cocoa Cinnamon

This evening, we stopped by Cocoa Cinnamon for coffee.

"cacao canela"

Despite being the sort of place that’s almost too hip for mere mortals, I highly recommend it — the coffee is excellent and the staff is friendly and helpful (even when dealing with rubes like me)*

"cocoa cinnamon"

We ordered two of their signature espresso drinks, an Aleppo Souk (w/spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and *I think* cumin) for me, a Tower of Babel (w/honey and date sugar) for My Fella.

Cute Customer

Despite its ultra-foodiness, it’s cheaper than Starbucks. Nicer atmosphere, too. I’d have sat and stayed if we’d had time to linger.

Plus, this sign made my evening:

"cocoa cinnamon sign"

Sadly, it’s a bit out of the way for daily consumption —  I don’t often get over to W. Geer — but I’ll certainly take guests here, if and when they visit.


*who, when asked “what kind of espresso would you like?” simply gaped at them, barely able to process the fact that they had more than one kind.
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