The Ads at the End of This Post

For all my god-like powers of admin, I really don’t know what it is you’re seeing. However, knowing the Interwebs as I do, I can only assume it’s visual clutter designed to convince you to buy junk you neither want nor need.

I know you’re all smart enough to ignore the ads, but…well, aren’t they annoying? I’d be annoyed. I am annoyed, in fact.

For this reason, I’d really love to upgrade — $99 (the ‘premium’ version) would take care of the ads, give me a bit more space for photographs, plus other features I haven’t really considered; $299 (the ‘business’ version is all that and much more…tho’ quite frankly this seems absurdly extravagant for a blog with such a small (tho’ surprisingly loyal!) audience.

However, upgrades of any kind are beyond my budget at the moment.

(I realize that this may not come as a shock to anyone who regularly checks in to read about my dystopian commute or my end-of-the-month attempts to survive on what I can forage from our backyard or how I (ingeniously, if I do say so myself) fashion socks out of non-sock materials, to keep my feet warm.)

That said, I’d make a concerted effort to come up with the cash if it improved the quality of your visit to this site. Would it? Should I?

Also, how would I do this?

Suggestions are welcome, though please bear in mind that

a.) I’m not PBS (unless you think you’d be entertained by my attempts at a pledge drive, in which case, I might be able to approximate one in still photographs or possibly cartoons — alas, “video storage” is one level above where I currently stand). In other words, no tote bags. Sorry.

b.) Kickstarter is, from what I can tell, meant for the already-famous-and-fortunate to pursue their vanity projects without having to dip into their own pockets.

c.) I’m not giving up coffee, my sole and singular vice, so f*ck you for even suggesting it. Besides, that’s a myth.

d.) The Good Lord bestowed upon my sorry @$$ exactly two talents, not counting my ability to string words together for cold, hard cash. One is utterly useless; the other is utterly illegal when pursued for profit.

Anyway, looks like I’ve got some thinking to do if I want to vanquish the ads at the end of this post.

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