One Sweet Potato

Remember how, way back when, I found a squishy, shriveled, sprouting sweet potato lurking in a dark corner of the kitchen cabinet — and then buried it?

Well, I am now reaping what I have sown.

"i yam what i yam"

As advertised.

There are more in the ground, by the way. I just haven’t dug them up yet. In fact, I only “harvested” this one because I pulled it up by accident while I was inspecting the beds…*


*If you ever rock back on your heels and lose your balance, maybe DON’T GRAB A VINE while you’re attempting not to fall on your @$$.
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2 thoughts on “One Sweet Potato

    • Thanks! I wish I could remember what variety it is. The source potato, if I’m not mistaken, came from our CSA box…but either I never asked about the name or else did ask and promptly forgot it.

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