The Beekeeper at Home

"beekeeping suit"

Today, My Fella suited up to remove a super* and consolidate the frames**.

For some reason, our bees prefer to fill every OTHER frame with honey.

They also like producing propolis, possibly even more than they like producing honey or wax. Right now, we’ve got a sizable wodge*** of soft, fragrant resin sitting in a shot-glass in the kitchen cabinet…


Anyway, recalcitrant smoker notwithstanding, it was a fairly quick and easy operation. Almost not worth blogging about.


And here’s the slightly shorter hive, all reassembled.



*Because the weather’s getting cold and having 25% less hive makes life much easier for the skeleton crew of winter bees who will otherwise have to heat the (empty) space, defend it from invaders, and otherwise maintain it.
**The honey-filled frames will stay in the hive, so that they’ll have more food; the “empty” ones with drawn comb will go into freezer-storage until spring, when we’ll put it back on.
***That is the technical term, I have decided.
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