Liner Notes

WARNING: This post is about writing.

"I writed a story"

However, if you persevere — or, really, just ignore this blog for the next several days — I shall reward you, gentle readers, with THE THINGS YOU LOVE MOST (based on my site stats):

  • The Catio (& Its Occupants)
  • All Things Beekeeping
  • My Best Buster Keaton moments (e.g. falling up, down, or off of structures; having things collapse on, under, or around me; other accidents and misadventures that do not fit in the above categories)
  • Ultimate Transit Madness, (e.g. a DATA operator punches somebody in the face when they ask for a transfer (has not happened yet, to my knowledge), or a bus plows into a large, stationary obstacle (has happened, and I was there).)
  • Things the Boxhound Has Destroyed Lately

The conclusions I’ve drawn from this are 1.) in addition to what I’d deem a normative amount of interest in pictures of cats, you people 2.) have some serious Schadenfreude going on. Also, 3.) an unhealthy obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch, particularly pictures of his teeth*

Anyway, now that YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, here goes…

So, I’ve always been fascinated by short story collections in which the author provides liner notes on composition.

I’m not really a short story writer, but if I were to provide commentary on the composition of my various writing projects, it would no doubt read “I typed this in stages, on a city bus.” Or, “I hacked away at this whilst sitting on the couch; a cat was standing on my stomach, kneading my pancreas in an attempt to find a comfortable sleeping spot.”

Or so I’ve always assumed.

However, I’ve recently decided that it might be an interesting exercise to think about these works in the context of how they came to be, as well as what factors influenced or contributed to their development.

And so — without giving any advice whatsoever, because I can’t — I’m going to talk about my…ugh, I really hate the phrase “creative process,” so I’ll see if I can’t come up with an alternative, like The Make-Doing-Writing of the Writing I Does: How, What, Why, and Whatever Else.

Ok, wow. That’s pretty awkward. However, it’s much less pretentious, so I’m going to let it stand.

And away we go.


*  {o_O}  I’m not sure why, but variations on this phrase pop up a lot. Like, several times a week a lot. What are you all looking for? Is there something notable about this person’s mouth?
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