“Keep Your BFFs Close, but Your Frenemies Closer.”

…is but one kernel of wisdom gleaned from the bountiful fields of the Subject Heading Work Group (SHWG), which meets every other week.

I, for one, think it’s good advice. So do these two:

"frenemies 4eva"

My posts have been short, of late, because I’ve been absolutely exhausted.

It’s a confluence of factors:

work is busy while my coworkers are dropping like drosophila (one, who sits just two desks away, has contracted pneumonia!);

I’m fending off germs from all sides (what is a city bus, after all, but a rolling disease vector?);

as the season shifts, I go to work in the pre-dawn and come home at pre-dusk;

all committee-related complications seem to find their way to MY inbox and are therefore my responsibility;

the housework never ends;

the class I’m taking demands much, gives little in return;

My Fella’s second job is taking its toll on both of us;

Both the Franquiz Nation and the Cypriot Delegation are determined that, if we no longer possess the means or motivation to visit them, THEY SHALL DESCEND UPON US like a Biblical f*cking plague;

I’ve got a slew scheduled appointments that are supposed to keep me sane and healthy but are actually wearing me out to the point where I shrug and sigh, “yes, but do I really NEED teeth? Or flu shots? Won’t that just prolong the problem (READ: my lifespan)”;

I’ve considered giving up all my hobbies, despite My Fella’s protests, and the thought doesn’t even bother me;

I don’t have time to eat, sleep, exercise, have fun, or otherwise “make time for myself” and the next person who suggests this is going to get SUCH a smack upside the head…

And finally, I’m tired of listing reasons, so I’ll just leave all the others to your imagination.

I want a hot bath, snuggly pajamas, a warm bed, and to be left the hell alone for the next six months to a year.

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