Yes Dice

The BEST gift.

"3D printed dice"

Yes, these are computer-designed, 3D-printed dice. With roman numerals instead of pips. And they’re weighted.


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2 thoughts on “Yes Dice

  1. The IT librarian keeps trying to convince me to find a grant for a 3D printer. These are super cool, might have to see if I can make it happen!

    • It shouldn’t be too hard to find grants for anything in the makerspace realm — 3D printers are all the rage right now in the library world, so I’m sure SOMEONE’s giving out money.

      The bigger challenge is figuring out what your library would use them for…way too often, people put the tech before the use case and then libraries end up with stuff they can brag about but not really utilize. (For example, ask My Fella or any of his colleagues about ‘microtiles,’ sit back, and watch heads explode.)

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