Desk Set: Tea & Scones Edition

I have a scone! I have a cup of tea! At this moment, my life is just about perfect.

"my desk"

Counter-clockwise from left: small staircase of books; (black) Swingline stapler; libraryAware mug; mint plant

But where is the scone, you ask? Nowhere, for I HAVE ALREADY EATEN IT.

I’ve still got the tea, though. Regarding the mug, I’d like to point out that this particular bit of swag is the ONLY mug in existence with my name on it. Yes, mine has to share a mug with, like, 40 other people’s, but I guess it’s better than nothing.*

*I have never, ever been able to buy one of those tacky personalized gift shop souvenirs. My siblings have the same problem, which is why we’ll sometimes buy each other keychains, magnets, or mugs that read “Gary” or “Braeden” or “Julianne,” just to be mean.

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