“Why, It’s Simply Impassible!”

(At least for the Boxhound. Naturally, the cats have no problem getting through.)

ANYWAY, My Fella reminded me that I have not yet posted a picture of The Finished Door, which — among other minor tweaks and adjustments — he felt he had to re-hang (for aesthetic reasons(!)).

So here it is, in its glory:

"handmade oak dutch door"

Like most doors, it opens. UNLIKE most doors, it can be opened one panel at a time.

But wait, what’s that hanging from the top half of the door? Could it be…?

"handmade oak dutch door"

Why yes, it’s a chalkboard!

"make your own chalkboard"

Before it was a chalkboard, it was a piece of plywood. My Fella cut it to size, sanded it, smoothed it out with this amazing substance, and then applied a few coats of chalkboard paint. Then — and here’s where it gets really impressive — he re-purposed a couple of the metal rails from an old filing cabinet and shaped them into hanging hooks.*

As for the trim around the edges, it’s made from a couple of (free) wooden rulers** available from Morgan Imports.

"ruler trim"

Pretty neat.

And now we’ve got a chalkboard, for organizing our shopping lists and divvying up chores and plotting world domination. You know, that sort of thing.



*And to think, I just wanted to slap that chalkboard paint straight onto the kitchen wall. I can now admit that I’m glad I waited.
**So, considering we already had the plywood and the tools (and an ancient, dented filing cabinet), this probably set us back less than $20. The big-ticket item, here, was the chalkboard paint. So…not bad.
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4 thoughts on ““Why, It’s Simply Impassible!”

  1. Fella says:

    And if our old can of chalkboard paint hadn’t mysteriously gone MIA, it would have been basically free.

  2. Fella says:

    Also, you left out the part where I had to anneal the metal brackets on the stove to get them to bend without snapping.

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