The Door Project continues.

Now, while I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to constructing barricades, I freely admit that I know nothing about hanging a door. Or building one, for that matter.

(“Neither do I,” claims My Fella, but you know what? I DO NOT BELIEVE HIM. Not anymore. I mean, just look at this door panel he designed, constructed, and lovingly hand-varnished:)

"door panel"

The really sick part? Actually, there are two: a.) he’s never done this before; as far as I can tell, he just majored in math and, years later, decided to apply his spatial skills to woodworking* and b.) this is one of TWO panels that fit together. All because I said** “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we had one of those Dutch doors?” and he said, “Yeah, it would. Let me see if I can make one.”

Readers, he made one. Here’s the slideshow view:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which brings us to framing. Framing is complicated; there are many elements to consider…

"boxhound learns"

…as My Fella has repeatedly explained to the Boxhound.

For example, building your door frame (yes, he built the door frame as well, though he shrugged it off because “really, all [he] did was measure and cut some lumber”) and ensuring that it is level.

And if it’s not?

"cedar shingle shim"

Put a shim in it! (In this case, our shims were cedar shingles.)

Meanwhile, here’s another slice of architectural layer cake; My Fella added 2×4 studs to fill in the gaps, followed by the door frame insert.


Once the frame is in place, it’s time to add hinges.

"apply door hinges"

Like so.


And THEN…it’s time to hang the individual door panels!

Here’s one!

"hanging bottom door panel"

And here’s the other!


And here is the door.

And now, the door is complete!

"dutch door"

Well, mostly.

(Oh, and see below for a nice touch: a threshold.

“Wait, when did you have time to make and stain this?” I asked. My Fella shrugged, “While I was doing other stuff.”)

"open door"

Et voila — here is the view from the kitchen.

"dutch door panel"

As I said, there remain odds and ends to be finished: doorknobs, latches, assorted finish work. But for now, I’m just thrilled to have a door.

*WTF?!? Also, take it from someone who majored in dead languages & literature and as a result can do absolutely f*ck all: Mamas, DO let your babies grow up to study higher mathematics.
**after my initial suggestion of “hide kitchen behind secret panel disguised as a bookcase” was vetoed, due to structural concerns.
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3 thoughts on “Framed!

  1. Fella says:

    Now that I’ve hung the door it seems obvious that the z-bracing should face the other way. I am SERIOUSLY contemplating taking it all down and remounting the door the other way ’round…. sigh…

      • Fella says:

        So there’s that one-inch wide backstop strip on the door frame. It seems to me like this should be up against the flat surface of the door. Also, the z-brace side is the more aesthetically interesting side, so it seems like it should face the more “public” part of the house, i.e., into the library.

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