Fancy Words For

Just when I’d forgotten that I even applied, I receive this letter:

"scbwi work in progress grants"

Apparently, it’s a LETTER OF MERIT. I was not aware that these existed when I applied for a Work-in-Progress grant, which — if successful — might have funded the purchase of a proper computer.

Alas, I will not be purchasing a proper computer.

That was my immediate reaction, followed closely by:

"bender says"

“Letter of Merit? That’s just a fancy word for losing!”

“So what does this make me?” I mused. “‘Loser Plus’?”

“Or ‘Winner Minus’!” replied My Fella cheerfully, then paused. “I guess that doesn’t sound much better.”

However, his comment did make me FEEL better, as did his heartfelt, if lyrically suspect rendition of “Karma Chameleon,” which came on the radio as we drove to BigBox for a can of spray foam and a couple of 2x4s to finish the Door Project.

Interestingly, the work-in-progress-in-question is the one I mentioned here, which just goes to show…actually, I don’t know what it goes to show. The biggest problem with Loser Plus/Winner Minus situations is that it’s hard to tell if a project is viable or not: either I should or should not give up. One of those two things.

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