The Illest

I seem to have inherited my mother’s immune system, with which I can fight off just about everything by lapsing into a 3-day mini-coma and then rising from the mostly-dead as if nothing ever happened.

But I know you didn’t come here to see pictures of me, sprawled out or else curled up in bed with my mouth hanging open, drooling all over the pillow.

Which is why I’m going to substitute cat pictures to illustrate the progression of my recent bout with a brief summer cold-type illness:

1.) “I’m just going to lie down for a bit…” (Saturday)

"oreo cat"

2.) *patient unresponsive* (Sunday)

"sleepy cat"

3.) OMG *mumble, grumble* WTF do you WANT? *mumble, grumble* So cold. No, hot. No, cold again. UGH HATE YOU ALL, WHY DID YOU WAKE ME, need juice, sleep now… *yawn, snore* (Monday)

"cranky cat in cabinet"

Thankfully for all parties involved, I’m feeling much better today.

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