Dirt Cheap

Recently, I discovered a sweet potato lurking at the back of the cabinet. It had already sprouted an impressive set of roots — which is why I figured, what the hell, why don’t I just plant it in the garden?

So I did. This is what emerged, not too long after —

"sweet potato plant"

It’s beautiful, lush, and healthy*, and very inexpensive (basically, the price of one misplaced root vegetable).

And since we just can’t seem to catch a break lately — whether it’s duck rustlers, zombees, or just wondering what we’re going to eat until payday — it’s also kind of comforting, the knowledge that at least one thing in our lives is not an incipient disaster.

Though if a race of sentient sweet potatoes rises up from the garden beds of the world and decides to exterminate its hapless cultivators like so many two-legged cockroaches, well…sorry, folks. That’s on me, I guess.

*Almost TOO healthy, if you ask me.
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2 thoughts on “Dirt Cheap

  1. You can pick green leaves and stir-fry/steam, it is delicious and healthy green vegetable!

  2. Fella says:

    Also, they are safe for the tortuga.

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