Lego Monster Hunters

"hey girl"

“Hey, Slayer.”

"lego vampire hunter"


"hey girl"

“I just stole these legs from a swamp creature. Also, this sick car.”

"lego vampire hunter"


"lady slayer"

“Now DIE, Vampire B!+ch!”

"just sayin"

“What, seriously? You’d rather stay here? With Steampunk RoboCop?”

"slayer doubts"

"steampunk robocop"

“I like to play with my sword!”

"lego vampire hunter"

(“You know, we were THIS close to passing the Bechdel test.”)

"just sayin"

“Girl, please. He does NOT count as a man. Did you see that hat? And that idiotic mustache? And OMG, that is totally a pocket watch. F*cking pseudo-Victorian hipster.

"slayer doubts"

"steampunk robocop"

“My vintage timepiece has a grasshopper escapement!”

"on the road"

Slayer: Go, go, GO!
Vampire: Cover me! 

"pimp my lego ride"

The end?

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