“At Least These Motherf*ckers, They Doing Something”

…said one young gentleman of the neighborhood, while strolling past our house with his lady friend.

I believe he was referring to the fact that our street is full of multifamily housing units owned by slumlords, who must either get some sort of tax break for standing back and letting their intermittently occupied “investment properties” slowly succumb to the elements, or else labor under the delusion that real estate, as a revenue stream, is a.) easy, and b.) profitable.

Which is as good an endorsement as any.

Really, I should make it my personal motto: this motherf*cker, she doing something.

Because I’ve come to realize that this sentiment pretty much sums up my life: I do things, not necessarily well or with any detectable measure of success. I do something. That is all.


One thought on ““At Least These Motherf*ckers, They Doing Something”

  1. amenitya says:

    Just to chime in, Gillian, I think these things — duck rearing, beekeeping, tortoise lodging — are motherf*cking awesome. What’s more, the antics are so darned entertaining & informative! So there’s one tiny measure of success for ya.

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