Lego for Girls (Looks Surprisingly Like Regular Lego)

Why Do Girls Need Special Legos?

They don’t.

"lego space shuttle"

I am a girl and I f*cking built this.

"lego space"

Note the lack of riding stables, cafe, pet salon, and rehearsal stage. Also, adorable animal friends.*

Why, you ask?


"lego SRBs"

And f*ck yeah, you better believe there’s a Canadarm**


 *such as squirrels and hedgehogs, neither of which (I’m guessing) would NOT choose to spend their days “playing with” (read: being subjected to makeovers by) spunky tweens named Mia, Andrea, and Stephanie — whose activities, curiously enough, appear to be both defined and limited by their implied race/ethnicity.
**It’s INSIDE!
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