Okra Blossoms & Other Nice Things to Wake Up To

"blooming okra"

Of course, now that the okra is blooming, I’ll have to be on my guard and HARVEST THOSE PODS…before it’s too late!*

"bee balm"

And this is some of what I see when I sit on the steps by the back door. For maximum impact with minimum effort and expenditure, I can’t recommend bee balm highly enough — suited to zones 4-10, this stuff grows wherever it’s planted**, blooms for months on end, and more than sustains a large occupying army of bumblebees.

"i am the monarda of the slope"

Here’s a close-up shot. Isn’t that nice?

Tomorrow, I’ll do an update on our projects — which are numerous, and (as always) in various stages of completion.

*Nah, not really. The only danger is that the pods will grow too large and fibrous to eat. And I do like to eat okra. I don’t know that I could live on it, but I’d certainly try.
**even in solid clay, as this photograph proves.
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One thought on “Okra Blossoms & Other Nice Things to Wake Up To

  1. Jenny O says:

    I had no idea okra blossoms were so pretty! Also, thanks for the top tip on bee balm. Our backyard is some kind of fire ant infested cratered hell hole and I just want to throw something out there that will be happy to grow with the minimum of involvement on my part. I did NOT inherit my mom’s gardening gene.

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